3 reasons why you should watch IT Crowd

Image Credit: jusblaz.tumblr.com

This British comedy series is available on Netflix and is definitely going to make you laugh out loud. It’s one of my fave feel good TV shows to watch after a long day!

IT Crowd is a story about two IT geeks, Moss and Roy, and and Jen, their boss (who doesn’t know what the Internet is) and their hilarious adventures in the basement of a fictional company in London.

We’ve picked out 3 favourite scenes that made us ROFL. If you’ve caught up with Big Bang Theory or Modern Family, here is another series def worth watching!

    1.  When Jen was convinced that if you typed Google into Google you will break the Internet
    2. When Moss showed Jen a black box and said that that was the “Internet”
    3. When Moss and Roy picks up the phone and starts off every conversation with “Hello, IT, have you tried turning on and off?”

Here’s a sneak preview of a few funny moments: