Jump on a bus and get a $20 massage in JB

Image Credit: mypeaceofheaven.com

Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s in a different country just yet – Johor is actually a lot easier to get to than you think. You can get buses straight through the causeway!

The main bus services are SBS Bus 160, 170, 170x and the Causeway Link Bus Service CW1. These buses are most conveniently found at Kranji MRT. The journey should really only take you up to about an hour on the local buses.

Now that you’re finally there – the place to be is Bangkok Spa for a Traditional Thai massage!

This costs just under $20 (RM 62) for a 60 minutes massage. I meaaaaaan do I even need to say more! Be warned, if you’re looking for a gentle soothing rub, thai massages are probably not for you. They can get fairly painful but you’ll feel like a new born baby at the end of it!