How to Find a Man in Singapore

Maybe some of us are secretly envious of our friends in relationships, maybe some of us have reached the age where relatives are bugging us with the “when’s your marriage” type of questions, or perhaps most of us fiercely independent women have life goals which involve starting a family.

Let’s be brutally honest for a moment, there are so many reasons why someone would be searching for a significant other. Be it for the thrill, companionship, family, practicality or even succumbing to societal expectations. Either way, the first step is acknowledging that you are on the look-out and realizing that there is no shame in that, because everyone has different needs and goals in life.

I’ve got some ways you could try to hopefully score you a perfect date.

1. Using dating apps to find a date

There really is no shame in relying on dating apps. Literally everyone is using them and it can actually be pretty fun chatting up random strangers. Plus it’s super convenient and of course, free to use.

Some of the most popular dating apps in Singapore are:

1. Coffee Meets Bagel (probably the most decent one of the lot)

2. Paktor

3. OkCupid

4. Tinder (a notorious one though)

All you’ve got to do is click download and your next date is simply a swipe away. The best part? You get to take a look at your next date’s picture first before deciding to befriend them.

It’s no surprise how popular dating apps are when most of our schedules are packed. I’ve got friends who’ve found their significant other through dating apps, so do give dating apps a chance.

2. Get your friends to set you up on a blind date

You’ll be surprised at how successful a blind date could potentially go, or it could go awry and end up in a disaster… But it’s pretty much worth the shot if you’re open to meeting other single guys out there. You might just end up with a boyfriend or husband. Or a new friend instead. No loss!

Simply ask your friends or even family to set you up with their single friends, and you’re pretty much good to go. I’m sure your friends have got other single friends to introduce to you. Plus being a wingman sounds like an exciting task for your friends!

3. Take a chance with mutual friends

This is probably one of the most reliable ways to meet a good partner since the person you’re meeting has already been screened by your friend.

Maybe there was this guy you knew your friend is friends with, or maybe you just stalked your friend’s Instagram and caught sight of someone attractive.

A. The Subtle Method

If your friend is keen on helping you, you could get your friend to casually and subtly invite this guy to some outings and hangouts. It’s always good to spend more time with your potential date. Of course, your friend will have to put in a few good words for you to really boost your attraction.

B. The Cunning Method

Like in blind dating, simply get your friend to set you up with him. But if you’re shy, maybe tell him that it’d be a 3-people hangout initially. Then have your friend make up some lie about not being able to make it last minute. And now you have him on a 1-to-1 date!

4. Be more active in attending gatherings or parties

It could be a friendly gathering, a festive celebration like for Christmas, a schoolmates’ reunion or even a TGIF hangout. Or if you’re more daring, try hitting up a bar on ladies night. You’ll never know who you might end up bumping into or sitting and chatting with.

More often than not, coincidence plays an extremely important role when it comes to meeting your significant other. You might end up meeting someone new at these parties or gatherings.

I know how dreadful socializing can be at times, but give yourself a chance to meet new people, you’ll never know who you might meet next.

5. Get Out and About

Hear me out on this one. Most of the time, we would prefer looking for someone with the same interests or involved in the same events and activities as ourselves. And the best way of creating such opportunities could be taking part in interest groups or participating in events catered towards a specific interest.

I’ve caught sight of some pretty cool interest groups which you may like:

1. Any sports interest group

2. Singapore Book Club Meetup (click here)

3. Singapore’s Language and Culture Exchange (click here)

4. The Singapore Food and Wine Society (click here)

Joining one is pretty much hassle-free. You could find an interest group to your liking right HERE!

I would say this is perhaps one of the best avenues to meet someone who has a common interest as you, while doing what you love. This will help expand your social circle as well.

6. Make the First Move

I know most females prefer the conventional way of scoring a date, where the female would play the reserved role and have the male initiate asking her out. That would be a sweet scenario but if you’ve had the opportunity to meet someone great, why not make the first move?

I would say this is the most sure-fire way of scoring a date while earning yourself tons of respect and a reputation for being confident and modern. There’s nothing a guy would appreciate more in his partner than confidence. Unless he is an old-fashioned bumpkin.

It could be that guy you’ve been secretly admiring for a long time, or that cute guy you just bumped into at a cafe. After all, there’s nothing to lose but only a great partner to gain!

Alright girlfriends it seems like you’re pretty much all set with the tricks and tips to finding your man. Just pick one of these steps I’ve recommended, or more if you wanna step up your game. Go get him!