Healthy Eating Without Breaking The Bank ($3-$15!)

I workout 3 – 4 times a week, and I try my best to feed my body well with the right foods. Pretty sure you’ve heard the saying that “abs are made in the kitchen”, so what you eat really matters. It may be difficult to eat clean and cheap when eating out, and I’ve managed to find some healthy eateries with a low price-tag!

I’ll be giving you a list of eateries you can check out to get your healthy food fix without worrying about calories or cash. To make your lives more convenient, I’ve arranged a list of healthy food places which give your money a run for their worth.

Importance of Choosing the Right Foods

Most of the time, we think restricting our food intake is the way to go to preventing weight gain. What we are unaware of, is that the most important factor is the caloric density of the foods we consume.

The calories from a small packet of fries would probably be equivalent to a few plates of salads. Consuming the right, healthy foods will mean you get to consume more and stay fuller and more satisfied for a longer time.

Don’t be afraid to eat! Your body will thank you for eating the right food in the right amounts. Apart from simply filling your bellies, food is fuel for your body and soul.  Eating well is optimal for your day to day performance. So here’s a list of eateries I highly recommend, arranged by area so we can now all eat good, look good and feel good.

healthy eateries just a click away