Insta-Ready Make Up All Day

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It’s tough keeping your make up on in our sultry Singapore. One of the most useful things to learn about doing your make-up in Singapore is how to stop it from running in this humidity. To save you from the trouble of going through tons of makeup tutorial videos online, I’ll run through 3 key steps to humidity-proof your makeup.

They are: 1. Priming 2. Setting with Loose Powder and 3. Finishing with a Setting Spray. Let me show you some holy grail products beauty bloggers swear by. I’ve collated a list of primers, loose powders and setting sprays that will make browsing these products super easy for you. Some are pretty affordable while some are simply worth the indulgence.

Now that you’ve learnt the tips and tricks to humidity-proofing your makeup, seems to me you’re all set and ready to rock a full face of makeup without the worry of it running or melting!