Tau News Cheat Sheet 7 June 2017


President Trump supports Saudi-led blockade of Qatar: Trump openly accuses Qatar, after diplomatic ties with other Gulf states were broken due to Qatar’s alleged funding of militant extremism

Philippines bans workers from Qatar: Following Qatar’s isolation by its neighbours, ban will be in place until further assessment of the situation is completed

Malaysia Tourism Tax: Tourism tax will begin on 1 August, and will affect leisure or business tourists, both international and local

Theresa May’s wavering popularity: While Theresa May held a significant lead at the beginning of the campaign, ratings have since dropped by full 11%

London Bridge attack: Third attacker identified and was found to have been arrested last year for attempting to enter Syria to join Islamic State (IS)



Parents sue school over confiscated phone: Parents fail to retrieve phone from the school after issue was brought to court as school rules were clearly breached

MUIS urges increased vigilance: In view of recent terrorist attacks, MUIS reminds community to be aware of possible extremist tendencies of family and friends

North-South Line signalling checks: SMRT explains purpose of checks in response to rush-hour delays and commuters’ questions

Number of fallen windows up first 5 months: 28 cases of fallen windows recorded first half of this year, an increase from 24 in year 2016