Ten Minutes with Marine Perez de Germay, Co-Founder of Vaniday

Vaniday allows people to book beauty treatments online. We talked with Marine Perez de Germay, co-founder of Vaniday.

Tell us your backstory prior to Vaniday!

I have a simple backstory – Came to Singapore three years ago after completing my Masters and worked in IMS Health Asia for a bit before switching to Vaniday.

I am an avid user of your app, that’s where I always get my nail appointments fixed up! So tell me how did Vaniday come about?

We first realised there were only a few traditional and old fashioned ways for people to book their beauty appointments in Brazil. There were no ways which they could discover new places or find suitable timings at their fingertips, and that’s how we came up with the idea. Beauty is a great market to enter and is extremely big. There’s a beauty salon on every corner in Singapore! We realised that similar platforms received very positive responses in the United States. From there, we made it happen in Brazil first and Vaniday has since then expanded to four other countries including Singapore. We are like Trip Advisor but for beauty!

What was the most challenging aspect of developing Vaniday?

Educating the public about the benefits of technology. We have to constantly keep working to change the habit of how people make their bookings, for example, most are acccustomed to making salon bookings directly rather than doing it online. This is a practice that has been in use for so long that changing will take time especially when you are the first company entering the market.

How do you find being a woman and working in the tech community?

There’s been a lot of help especially from other woman and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. Being a woman or a man in Tech doesn’t really make any difference I believe. However, there is surely a very active and inspiring female tech community in Singapore. 

Is there an overarching philosophy that guides your life?

It’s all about working extremely hard and constantly surrounding yourself with the people who motivates you.

Your desert island choices for:

Movie: La Boum

Music: My taste changes pretty rapidly but for now I’m hooked on Ed Sheeren’s “Shape of you.” and “On top of the world.”

Any person in history for conversation: Jack Ma, he is very inspirational!