Ten Minutes with Nandita, a Singapore-Based Multidisciplinary Artist at Singapore Arts Museum

Nandita Mukand is a Singapore-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice draws upon Nature and Materiality, exploring themes of connection and spirituality. Her current works are at 8Q, Singapore Arts Museum.

Tell us a little bit about your background! What got you interested in art?

I have always had an interest in the arts and been creating pieces since the beginning. Till recently, I was working in the corporate line and decided to enrol into an arts institution to pursue what I truly enjoy. I have never looked back since then and have held a number of exhibitions, where I hope to bring to light the wonders of Nature. As the world is getting more urbanised each day, we lose sight of how the natural world is co-existing with us. And this is where most of my ideas came from!

Do you have a composition in mind when you start painting or do you go with the flow?

For me, I don’t usually have a composition in my head but a feeling that I am trying to execute. It’s a process of discovery, trying to express my ideas or a feeling I have at that point.

Congratulations on your current exhibition! Could you tell us more about what is it about and what do you want others to take away from your work?

Thank you! There are two parts to this exhibition, the centrepiece and its surroundings. The centrepiece was made to resemble an old tree in east coast park, created with urban materials like newspapers to form its nature structure. I have always been fascinated by old trees as they are just like time capsules. As we come and go, they have seen through countless stories of people. Fascinating, isn’t it? On the wall, we have pine cones and cypress seeds that are from Spain! I have decked the entire space with them to show the powerful potential that each seed holds. Each can be grown into an individual tree and to me, that’s an amazing thought.

The Origin: The Tree and Me & The Unborn by Nandita Mukand, Exhibition will be ongoing till 27 August 2017.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Do your best with the resources you have at each point of time in your life. Always focus on what you have instead of what you don’t.”

What are your thoughts on the art community & market in Singapore as compared to elsewhere?

Singapore has really grown and progressed tremendously in the past few years in the arts scene! Though She falls behind some, She is still ahead of many places. For the few years I have been practicing, I have received so much love, support and positive response to my works. For that, I’m grateful.

Is there an overarching philosophy that guides your life?

“Get enough sleep.” A rested mind will always be more productive!

Photography: Izdiyad Ahmad