Ten Minutes with Jie Zhen, Executive Director of “The Hidden Good”

The Hidden Good is a community platform that uncovers the good in people and the world around them. With a strong focus on social goals, guerrilla activity and youth activation, The Hidden Good creates innovative social experiments and experiences that celebrate possibility and build a culture of positivity, gratitude, and appreciation.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you ended up with The Hidden Good!

I used to be in the Educational development sector and I joined one of the co-founders Rovick in his movement when he was looking for someone to continue “The Hidden Good.” It’s been an amazing journey here to be able to apply the things I learn, and to see how there is good in so many people!

What is the overall aim for The Hidden Good’?

Our aim is to make the good in our world less hidden. Through videos and community engagement, we create content online for people to realise that good is always out there, we just need to tease it out slowly.

What are your biggest achievement/milestones so far with The Hidden Good?

The biggest achievement for me is watching our community grow. When I was first here, there were youths who felt simply creating video content isn’t enough and they wanted to be more involved in making a difference. You don’t only have to volunteer in old folks home to do good, a simple act of kindness or gesture makes a huge difference! Currently, we have a diverse community of over 500 people on the team. It’s always very heartening to watch them grow as a team and as individuals.

I understand that you do collaborations with different people from various field of work. Which were your favorite ones?

We do a lot of good projects but the one that stood out the most was “Dance for your Prata” project. Basically, we had a DJ set up next to our prata-man right in the middle of the business district. The goal was to encourage our working men and women to loosen up and have fun through creating a positive disruption. We had strangers dancing together and connecting, it was pretty amazing!

What’s next for The Hidden Good? Where do you see this going in say 5 years time?

We hope to do more work in the region and make it a more cohesive space, where ideally, we have all social groups coming together more. We want to be the platform that brings people together while continuing to grow and empowering the young generation by working with different communities and schools. If they want to change the world, they have to work and put their thoughts into actions.

How are Singaporeans responding to “The Hidden Good”? Are there any positive impacts?

When we first started, we received quite alot of negative responses. I guess we came to a point where you get exhausted from complaining and want to actually do something. Over time, we realised that most people do want good vibes in their life and are very open once they start warming up to you! There’s always two sides to a coin and many are receptive when we give them a chance to be part of something bigger to themselves. Look for good and you will find it.

Do you have a favorite mantra that keeps you inspired?

Doing good doesn’t have to look a certain way. Every random act of kindness, really counts. Never underestimate the power of a simple question, thought or action.