nBuddy, A New Diet App In Tune with Singapore’s Food Culture

A new diet app named Nutritionist Buddy (nbuddy) targets Singaporeans’ diet choices. The app was developed by National University Hospital (NUH) dietitian Lim Su Lin and local health technology company Wise Health.

One of the app’s unique features is the healthier food recommendations tailored to Singaporeans’ food culture. For example, if you have been craving for a regular cup of milk coffee, the app will suggest that you might want to consider the “siu dai (less sweet)” version instead. Other useful features include science-based daily tips on healthier living and the tracking of users’ physical activity.

If there is a need for more comprehensive diet support, the app offers a premium service that gives its users access to nutritionist support from NUH dietitians, total nutritional analysis, workshops and educational videos. The premium service comes at the cost of S$300 for 3 months.

Another version of the app catered specifically to people with prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes is also available on Google Play Store and will be on the Apple App Store next week.