Online Auditions for The Voice Singapore & Malaysia are Open

Aspiring singers here can now submit an online audition for The Voice in Singapore and Malaysia, which will begin recording in July this year. For those who haven’t heard of The Voice, it’s a world-famous reality-TV singing competition that’s huge in the UK and USA.

Since May 6, 6.00pm, hopefuls from Singapore and Malaysia can submit a video not exceeding 90 seconds of themselves singing a song of their choice. There is no restriction on language but dialects are not allowed.

Anyone of any nationality can apply, as long as two conditions are met: You have to be at least 16 years old (as of 1 May 2017) and must be “fluent in Mandarin and able to perform songs in Mandarin”. Only participants selected for the blind auditions will be notified.

The Voice begins with the blind auditions where talents sing live as superstar judges listen “blind” – with their backs to the stage – making this a competition where only a singer’s voice matters. Judges that like what they hear can hit an “I WANT YOU” button to swivel their chairs around and watch the rest of the performance. Successful participants then choose a judge – who turned for them – to take them through the rest of the competition. If no chairs are turned, the participant is immediately eliminated.

Online auditions end on May 31.

To submit an audition, visit here.

Here’s a great blind audition from The Voice USA: