6 of the World’s Best Wreck Dives

Shipwrecks make some of the most beautiful dive spots in the world.

1. SS Thistlegorm (Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh)

A British cargo ship sunk during World War 2, this historic wreck, still mostly intact, is a perfect spot for divers to discover the extensive Allied cargo it held: rifles, boots, motorbikes and even trucks.


2. SS Yongala (Australia, Queensland)

The Yongala was sunk during a cyclone in 1911. It is teeming with ocean life – ranging from manta rays, octopuses and turtles to sea snakes and sharks – and is arguably the best dive spot in the world.


3. USAT Liberty (Indonesia, Bali)

This torpedoed US military cargo ship from World War 2 is located just 25 metres from shore, making it one of the most accessible wreck dives in the world. The black sand slope it lies on contrasts beautifully with the colourful marine life at home here.


4. Fujikawa Maru (Micronesia, Truk Lagoon)

Often dubbed the “picture perfect” wreck, this Japanese cargo ship is now completely covered in multi-coloured marine life (up to its anchor chains) and still stores military equipment like fighter planes in its holds.


5. SS President Coolidge (Vanuatu, Luganville)

This luxury liner turned World War 2 troop carrier sank after hitting mines in 1942. The allure of this wreck lies not just in its coral gardens, but also its magnificent features like “The Lady” – a porcelain figure of a woman riding a unicorn.


6. Hilma Hooker (Carribbean Netherlands, Bonaire)

This wreck, occupied by a variety of sponges and sea fans, was formerly a drug-smuggling vessel. After its crew was detained in 1984, divers petitioned for it to be deliberately sunk between two coral reefs, creating one of the world’s finest dive sites today.