5 Sporty Skills Even the Non-Athletic Soul Can Pick Up

For the non-athletic souls out there just like me, here is a list of 5 skills that you can pick up, if you simply want to learn a new skill as a hobby or to get in shape.

1. Diving

You don’t need to be a fantastic swimmer to get your diver’s certification. If you have always wanted to scuba dive and discover the enchanting underwater world, this skill is for you. There are many options available but you can consider Diver’s Cove. You can get your certification with them via a 3D2N trip to the nearby Tioman Islands, with one theory lesson in Singapore pre-departure. The best part is that the certification is for life!

Requirements: Basic Swimming, Able to Thread Water

Estimated Cost: $600-$800

2. Rock Climbing

If you can’t swim and detest the scorching sun outdoors, rock climbing may just be the thing for you. There are many gyms in Singapore, both indoors and outdoors for you to pick up this new skill. Rock climbing is a good way to build muscular strength and aerobic endurance with a space to scale for everyone. You can check out Climb Central, a fully air-conditioned indoor gym even for the non-certified, or Clip ‘n Climb HomeTeam NS, a revolutionary climbing theme park which promises a fun and casual time for climbers.

Requirements: None

Estimated Cost: From $13 onwards for a day pass, some gyms may offer lower rates for those who sign on as members

3. Kayaking

Kayaking is a fun recreational sport that even the most non-athletic person can do. To start, beginners can consider the One Star Kayaking Course that is available at Kallang Water Sports Centre by the Singapore Canoe Federation, or at Water Venture by the People’s Association. The entire course duration is only 12 hours long, which means you can become certified over 2 days in Singapore without having to travel at all. The certification is also for life.

Alternatively, if you want to kayak through Pulau Ubin, you can book here.

Requirements: Swim 50m with a personal floating device

Estimated Cost: $35-$80

4. Inline skating

To learn how to inline skate, you do not have to become certified as you can learn it on your own. Some sports centres also offer courses for inline skating to help you pick up the skill within a shorter period of time and less risk for injuries. To start, simply rent a pair of inline skates which are usually available at parks in Singapore, and you are good to start gliding across the parks and the park connector networks. Rental services also provide protective gear. Skating around neighbourhood parks and heartlands is also a good recreational activity, where you can immerse yourself in an oasis of greenery and calmness.

Requirements: None

Estimated Cost: $10 onwards for skate rental

5. Martial Arts Lessons

Think MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Muay Thai, Boxing or even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Many gyms in Singapore offer classes for beginners to learn these martial arts, which will help you keep fit and build muscular strength while learning self-defense. If you are unsure, fret not as many of the gyms offer trial classes for interested participants to get a taste of the martial arts. These combat sports are also good ways to relieve stress amidst the busy city life. Not to worry if you are not athletic, as many of the gyms offer programmes that start at the most basic level which will suit your needs. You can check out gyms like Evolve MMA or Fight G.

Requirements: None

Estimated Cost: From $90 onwards per month