5 Wacky Sports to Try Out

Forget about playing plain old soccer, basketball or badminton this weekend.

1. Bubble Soccer

Soccer may be Singapore’s national sport, but have you tried kicking around in a giant inflatable ‘hamster-ball’ suit’? Laugh at your friends and yourself as you harmlessly bump into each other while trying to score a goal. Bubble Bump Singapore is all about this bubbly game with its new generation, high-quality suits tailored for greater comfort and visibility.

*Requirements: At least 1.2m in height

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2. Archery Tag

A hybrid between paintball and archery, Archery Tag is an adrenaline-filled game where players eliminate their opponents by shooting foam-tipped arrows at them. Combat Archery Singapore offers a variety of game modes apart from the typical ‘battle royales’ that puts teamwork and strategy to the test.

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3. Bossaball

This new, rising sport brings elements of soccer, volleyball and gymnastics onto an inflatable court. Trampolines on either side of a net makes spiking way easier and even allows players to make mid-air acrobatic moves. Bossaball is definitely more than just a variation of volleyball or sepak takraw.

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4. Trampoline Dodgeball

This is, as the name implies, dodgeball with trampolines. Played in an arena with trampolines for floors and walls, trampoline dodgeball is often a spectacle of acrobatics as players jump and bounce around while trying to take their opponents out with soft dodgeballs. This fun, and at times hilarious, sport is surely fit for both children and adults alike.

*Requirements: At least 3 years of age

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5. Disc Golf

Disc Golf is another hybrid sport on the list, played by throwing frisbees, or discs, instead of hitting golf balls. Throws are made from a tee box till the disc lands in a designated basket. For those less keen on high-adrenaline sports, this is one to have fun with and still get a good upper-body workout. Follow the Singapore Disc Golf Community Page for updates on courses in Singapore.

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