3 Unique Blooms for Someone Special

Flower-giving is not only for special occasions. Everyday is a perfect opportunity to give someone you love a gift from the heart. Here are three unique blooms for your special someone.

1. JB Fleuri

Unlike ordinary blooms, the roses by JB Fleuri do not wither away in a week’s time. No more laments about bouquets of fleeting beauty or how their impermanence reflects on your love. Just imagine spending a year with flowers from your loved ones.

Besides bouquets, for belles (or beaus, we are not discriminating here) who prefer a single stalk of rose, JB Fleuri offers their version of the beauty and the beast rose in a glass dome. A truly fitting gift for that special someone who sees the good in you.

Website: Here

2. The Wild Woods

Founded by three siblings who grew up hoping that their Asian father would one day give their mother a bouquet on her birthday, The Wild Woods represents the ideal gift they have in mind. Instead of a hand-tied bouquet, the fresh-cut roses are housed in an elegant square box, wrapped in tissue. With many breathtaking shades available, the roses by The Wild Woods are a vision to behold.

Price: $108 – $138

Website: Here

3. The Floral Atelier

Surprise your loved ones with gorgeous flowers presented in novel ways. The Floral Atelier’s selections – the Modern series, Bloom-in-a-box and the Bloom box – are bound to make your special someone see the blooms in a new light. The Modern series features blooms in a clear glass cylinder, the Bloom-in-a-box reveals its blooms only when the box’s lid is lifted, whereas the Bloom Box has flowers arranged in a spherical dome shape.

Price: $85 – $235

Website: Here